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We Are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman showed us a few things about this political climate: (1) women will lead the way, and (2) men have the choice to follow along. Let’s pause for a moment and think about how the rhetoric of the past year and a half. Women have been demonized, marginalized, and diminished throughout this election. Women knew that we are held to a different standard when interview. Women knew we had to look a certain way at work. Women knew that having a mentor is very difficult. The standard is not equal.

Working harder is the life of a woman. You are punished for being a mom. You are punished for being a working mom. You are punished for being unattractive. You are punished for being non-male.

We sat around and watch a man start a campaign about President Obama not being born in America. We could not believe the attacks waged against President Obama, but we did see people call Michelle Obama a monkey and speak about her being unattractive and masculine because she was in shape. This First Lady was from the South Side of Chicago, who worked hard and worked in college and made more money than her husband until he became president. She is the epitome of many Black women’s story around the United States.

When Michelle Obama spoke on the behalf of voting for Hillary Clinton, she spoke about voting for human dignity and our daughters. A simple question, “How can we vote for someone who can’t speak about women with dignity and respect? How can we vote for someone who doesn’t respect people? Outside of politics, we are mothers, how can we raise our children to be respectful, honest people if our president has a hard time telling the truth and behaving as a respectful man?” I realize that I paraphrased her elegant speeches, but Black women resonated with this message and voted 96% for Hillary Clinton.

Wonder Woman released in 2017 and it grossed $821 million dollars in just movie ticket sales. A woman directed the movie, and this movie made history. It is the highest grossing DC film, and it is the 5th highest grossing superhero movie ever. In fact, it is the top 20th grossing movie in a domestic market. What does this say? Women have finally all had a day of reckoning.

Women will lead America to understand that President Trump is not what our country represents and we do not want our kids to model their behavior. We also realize that we are not fairly represented and our physical bodies are about to experience seriously harm due to these policies. Why are women so angry? Our lives are in danger. Our future is in danger. The moral integrity of this country is in jeopardy. This country is in danger.

Wonder Women is the best movie we needed at this moment at this time right now. We cannot afford for all men to finally follow our lead. This movement has now showed us that we don’t have time for men to get it together. We must keep walking, and hopefully they will follow.

At this time, women are standing up for themselves politically, emotionally, socially, and finally, in the workforce. Women cannot wait for the male ally to stand up for us in the workforce. We should be respected in our personal life, in the politically sphere, and in the workforce. Women are no longer to afraid to exist in our skin.

I am Wonder Woman. You are Wonder Woman. My daughter is Wonder Woman.


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