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The Engaged Gaze encourages lively and engaged dialogue where a diversity of viewpoints are shared and discussed.  We understand that many of the discussions that we hope to have here are nuanced and we believe this is a safe space for a multitude of points of view. We do ask that community members respectfully dialogue with their peers. Ad hominem attacks and insults are strictly forbidden and will be removed. Any comments that denigrate or deny the full dignity and humanity of all people will also be removed. We ask that whenever commenting posters refer back to our mission statement as a guideline for the intent of this space. 


We do not allow unsolicited ads or plug-ins. We will block users promoting spam materials.


Please be aware that the site administrators reserve the ultimate right to review, moderate, and screen comments on posts. By signing into a account and commenting, you are agreeing to the terms of our community. 

Please remember to link back the The Engaged Gaze when cross-posting. 

We thank you in advance for honoring our comment policy. Remember, united #wearetheresistence 

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