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Where is the Outrage?

Surviving R. Kelly is all the buzz on Black Twitter. But, it should set ablaze all of Twitter. Why?

There have been more girls and young women who have been abused for almost 30 years. The #MeToo movement and #TimesUp movement needs to stand up for these young girls because we all need to stand up and say #TimesUpRKelly.

We need wrap our head around this fact – there are girls and young women who are still to this day are trapped in one of R. Kelly’s homes. I need to see outrage among all people. Chance the Rapper made a statement about why he didn’t seem act sooner after knowing the R. Kelly accusations – he felt that the victims were black women, so it was hard for him to believe them. Even though he has evolved from this statement, he is speaking truth.

Where is the current outrage? Why aren’t we all angry like we were over Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein?

Is it because he only abused young black girls and black women? Do these questions make you uncomfortable? It should. You should be demanding all radio stations to stop playing his music. You should be demanding all of these young girls be released immediately. You should be demanding jail for R. Kelly and his crew. His jail cell should be next to Bill Cosby (clearly it will not happen since they are in different states, but you get the point).

R. Kelly needs to stop hanging out at malls, libraries, and high schools looking for young girls. Everywhere R. Kelly goes, we need to be there demanding that this predator is not permitted in our neighborhood. I have a daughter who is 5 years away from being the age of his youngest sexual partner when he was almost 40 years old. I expect my community of friends, Americans from all races to stand up and says enough is enough.

If you have not watched Surviving R. Kelly, then spend time to watch all six hours on Lifetime. You can watch it here -


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