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Foot Down, No More Molly’s

I have been in friendships where I was the one who had it all together (or more together) than my friend. I was the one who always had to bail her out. Just like Molly, I was tired of being the one who kept rescuing my friend. I did put my foot down because I just felt that I was being taken advantage of – so I sadly, let the relationship go. When I tried to come back together and have a friendship again, she rejected it for her own reason. Frankly, we both had enough reasons to walk away for good and we both had enough reasons to come back together (hopefully) in the future. I know for a fact that I miss her friendship.

But, I have also been a friend who didn’t have it together as much as my other friends. I look to them as my big sisters and big brothers. Years can go by, and if I need them, not only will I answer their call, but they would answer my call. If you speak to all of us, then we will still say we are friends.

This season of Insecure, on HBO has caused a massive conversation on adult friendships. Most people are team Issa and are bashing Molly. It is because we have all known and have been Issa before at one point in our friendships. Many of us value our friendships, and we hope that in the midst of the ups and downs of a friendships, our friends should have our backs. If they cannot have our backs even in the midst of a disagreement, then the friendship is over.

Clearly, I am #teamIssa because she is finally coming into her own, which means she has less time to be Molly’s cheerleader. Molly has always had Issa cheer for her success. Now that Issa doesn’t have the time to attend to Molly’s needs, Molly makes up an illegitimate reason to not help Issa out that would help her project turn into a success.

Does Issa sit back and see her Block Party fail? No, she finds a way to get access to some help. Her event becomes successful. Instead of Molly demonstrating positive congratulatory energy, Molly discovers that her boyfriend does help Issa. Molly starts an argument at the end of Issa’s Block Party. This event literally rains on Issa’s parade.

As an adult, we realize that the people don’t stay in our lives for long. We have a core group of people that are consistent. Our friendships evolve with time, and Insecure is demonstrating to us how our real friendships happen in life. It is refreshing to watch, as I am aware that with each passing year, I have a very limited amount of time. Therefore, my friendships are much more selective. All I know is that I have no time for Molly’s in my life.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then visit HBO and watch these very short 8-episode Insecure season. Let’s talk about #teamIssa vs. #teamMolly!


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