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You Got A Lotta Nerve A Review of The Room Where It Happened by John Bolton

Maybe I missed the punchline, but this almost 500-page, 20+ hour book on Audible is a very long book that is a simple demonstrate of Bolton’s intellect. So, the rest of us are just idiots because he speaks so heavily about his decision process within International Relations. If you can manage to swim through the highly convoluted, pompous look at his view of the world, then you can finally reach a few gems from the book.

First, I paused the book in the first chapter and laughed hard – John Bolton wanted to be Secretary of State. Like, Secretary of State. How would he be confirmed in the Senate? This man has been involved with Donald Trump’s campaign since he walked down the escalator. Bolton knew exactly who Donald Trump was before he worked for the White House as the National Security Advisor. After the first chapter of his book, I have zero sympathy for Bolton, and thus, I understand Trump’s anger with this book.

Second, John Bolton is a deep partisan. He thinks about the Republican Party before America. He knows that Trump is dangerous, and yet he still doesn’t think he should be impeached. He doesn’t mention anything about Russia paying Afghans to kill American soldiers in the book, but as he wrote the last chapter and the Epilogue, he knew this information and STILL didn’t think he should have testified before Congress or thought that Trump should have been impeached. This man still condemns the Democrats playing politics with impeachment. So, literally, according to Bolton, what does a man need to do to be impeached? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Third, this book includes nothing but comparisons to President Obama. John Bolton did not serve in Obama’s Administration, yet he is consumed with Obama. Why not compare Trump to your experience in Bush’s Administration? Simple. Bolton is all about Party and not about America. I am not saying that Obama is perfect, but why not compare previous experience with previous experience? Why not compare Bush and Trump? This is simply because he is about attacking Democrats before telling real truth that Trump governs for self before Party and America. And, News FLASH, that, John Bolton is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. Our founders did not want a self-interested president. Don’t believe me, read The Federalist Papers.

Forth, Let’s tell the truth John Bolton, you thought that you could control Trump because he didn’t know much, and so Trump will listen and do whatever you want. Bolton found out that Trump listens to Trump, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner above everyone. Period. Bolton and everybody else is a far, far, far, very far distant advisor. The real reason Bolton left the White House is because Trump doesn’t do whatever John Bolton wants him to do. John Bolton cannot manipulate Trump like he thought he could. Bolton actually thought his intellect was so superior that he could tell Trump to jump, and Trump would. This is not the Reagan’s White House, and thus Bolton bounced.

Finally, and I think this is the biggest thing for me. All of these years, we have been told that Trump just Tweets whenever, and no one can control his Tweets. We were even told that everyone has warned him about his Tweets and people keep him busy so he will not Tweet as much. Lies. Lies. All Lies. According to Bolton, people sit and talk about his Tweets BEFORE he Tweets. People are familiar and even give him permission to Tweet. Yes, they tell him to Tweet.

This book confirms what I have been saying since he started picking people for his cabinet – Trump is being further failed by the people who is in his White House. They either have no idea what to do OR they have their own interest that supersedes doing what is best to make sure that Trump does a marginal job. Literally, Trump has disloyal people in his White House. They are not there for Trump or America. They are there for themselves.

At the very end of this way-too-long book, I don’t understand any of the news reports that this book is explosive. I was duped. I was bamboozled. Don’t be duped.


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