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Resources and action in the wake of the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack

Her name was Heather Heyer.

The entire team at Engaged Gaze is at a loss for words over the tragic events in Charlottesville last night. While we do not have solutions, we want to create a working page with resources for our readers. Our hearts are with all those affected by the domestic terrorist attack yesterday. Heather Heyer, rest in power. You will not be forgotten.

Before we go on, we want to acknowledge Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. His words were stronger than any others we heard yesterday and he was not afraid to name an evil for what it is. This is how you resist:

So, we will start a running open page with resources. Feel free to email anything you come across and we will post it. Also, you are welcome to comment in this article as well.

We are the RESISTANCE. We will and can be the good.



-Medical fund for Comrades in Cville click here.

- Donate to Black Lives Matter Charlottesville here.

- Donate to ACLU Virgina branch here.

- Donate to the Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund here.

- Donate to Beloved Community Charlottesville here.

- Donate to the Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP here.

- Donate to Legal Aid Justice here.

- Donate to the Charlottesville Pride Community Network here.

- Donate to Planned Parenthood South Atlantic here.

- Donate to Charlottesville NOW here.


- Search for solidarity events near you here.

- Join the National March for Racial Justice here.


- Become more knowledgable about hate groups in your area and reach out to local racial justice groups for information on how to help.

- Read I Do Not Need To Be Surprised By Bigotry To Be Outraged By It here.

- Learn more about how to talk to other white people about race here.

- Learn how to talk about domestic terrorism like Charlottesville here.

- Read about and support those like Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kapernick who are visibly taking a stand.

- Listen to community leaders of color and find out how you can help.

- Learn about How To Talk About Privilege To Someone Who Doesn’t Know What That Is here.

- Learn how to talk about White Privilege with your kids here.

- Use your privilege for good. Learn more here.

- Engage in intersectional dialogue. Learn more here.

- Talk to your kids about white supremacy. Learn more here.

- Learn how to identify white supremacy.

- Practice self-care in racial justice. Learn more here.

- The Charlottesville Syllubus: multiple readings and opportunities for learning here.

This is an open page. Please comment below with additions or email us at engaged with resources, articles, and events.


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