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Book Review - Unhinged by Omarosa Manigault Newman

Omarosa stated that she was just like Donald Trump. She studied Trump in order to give the perfect audition for The Apprentice that gained her fame. She went into the show to win, which winning for her meant having everyone remember her name. That is what she was able to do. Thus, throughout Unhinged, Omarosa was pretty clear about her intent – to explain her position as to why she decided to align herself to the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. Yet, we must remember that Omarosa is just like Trump (her words not mine). Therefore, Omarosa gained everything from Trump – her drive to have a great career in entertainment. It is clear that Omarosa only wrote this book because the Trump brand is tarnishing her brand.

In the midst of my constant eye rolling while reading the book, I had a few take-a-way moments to discuss. First, I believe all that she is saying about Trump.

There is no question that she is telling the truth. But, I cannot understand how she continues to call Trump negative names and describe him as being a racist and sexist individual all the while she describes that she was fired unjustly. She ends the book saying, “I’ve escaped from the cult of Trumpworld/ I’m free” (pg. 330). I am still confused as to why she has viewed leaving the White House as freedom when she was still in talks with working with him during the re-election campaign. As you read this book, you have to explore this question, Would you work with someone or for someone who is a sexist and racist? If the Trump White House treated her fairly with an offer of giving her more money without a NDA, then I firmly believe she would be on the re-election campaign.

Omarosa has been disrespected from the various cabinet members, such as Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos leaving Omarosa at an event. Omarosa was focused on staying because she wanted to help Historically Black Colleges and Universities gain more funding. We are supposed to believe that if Blacks were friendlier to visit the White House, then Blacks would have received more from the White House. She even goes forward to describe how the presidents of the HBCUs did attend the White House, but no one cared because Kelly Ann Conway was seen publically with her feet on the couch in the White House. It appears that it is everyone else’s fault (mostly Blacks, as they were not opened to visit and discuss issues) that Omarosa was unable to do her job effectively. Yet, I am still not understanding this premise – What did the presidents of the HBCUs get from coming to the White House? Oh, their funding was not cut. So, I am assuming that Blacks need to say, thank you?

As entertaining all of this is, the thing that leaps off the page is something I have been saying for years – The Republicans have been planning for Trump to be impeached and Pence to take his place. In the first month or so after the Republican National Convention, Trump sent Pence to Congress to talk with the leaders. I said that Trump should never send Pence to Congress to talk to anyone without him because Pence cannot be trusted. Frankly, no one who is a part of the Republican establishment should ever be trusted as Trump’s Vice President. Thus, reading Omarosa’s book solidified my position. Omarosa writes about meeting Pence, and his brothers would say, “Once you become president…” The brothers would immediately correct themselves with saying, “vice president.” Later, in the staff in the White House would also say the same thing, “Once you become president…” as a reference to Pence becoming president. In fact, Omarosa asks Pence directly about his presidential ambition after Trump has two terms, Pence responds, “Two terms? You think two terms? That’s good, I like the way you think Omarosa. I’m here to serve the president. I’m loyal to the president.” If anyone believes that Pence is loyal to the president only, then I have air to sell you. It is clear that Pence has a plan to be president. If you still believe Pence, then why would Pence form a PAC called the Great America Committee? When the media found out, then it was closed down. No one starts a PAC to simply shut it down with no discussion.

Omarosa spends a great deal of time discussing Melania. I never like to talk about someone else’s marriage. I don’t want to begin to think about if Melania will stay or not stay with him. Omarosa barely had a relationship with Melania (her words, not mine), so it is odd that she wants to give an analysis of what Melania is doing as a passive aggressive move against Trump. Yet, there is one revelation that gives me pause. Melania is on an EB-1 visa. This means that Melania has an extraordinary ability visa. What is her extraordinary ability? No clue, but Omarosa believes that this specialized visa traps Melania with Trump because Omarosa states that Trump would definitely seek this visa to be revoked if Melania would leave him. Well, Trump is petty.

At the end of the book, Omarosa warns the rest of us that this Presidency is dangerous to us all. This is where I continue to eye roll. We all know that this Presidency and his cabinet will do great harm. Yet, this woman – Omarosa – is telling us that it is worse than we could ever imagine. And to this statement, we know this already. Thanks.


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