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Book Review: Fear by Bob Woodward

I have no idea why the title of the book is Fear unless it is trying to sell books. The first few pages of the book, I was captivated and afraid of my country, as the only thing that keeps America from not plunging in a war or having policy that could cause America to go through a major depression is President Trump forgetting about a policy he requested. According to Woodward, the only thing that prevents policy from being implemented is someone coming along and taking the policy that he requested to be drafted off his desk and redirecting President Trump’s attention to something else. In the process, President Trump forgets what he has requested and lives his life through requesting another policy. So, I became enthralled thinking that the book is simply about this – fear of what President Trump will do to our country.

As we dig deeper in the book, it is even more clear that Woodward provides the most favorable view of the President that we have ever seen. We have an understand that the President has a complex job that he was not ready to do in combination of not having the best qualified people work with him because it would be detrimental to the people’s career as well as President Trump is a liar and hard to work alongside.

Over 400 pages, Woodward barely contributes to the discussion of analyzing this White House. Thus, all of the leaks that we have heard from the White House are confirmed to be true. There are only a few points that are much more disgusting to know, such as President Trump really cares about American making money from its military. It appears that Trump has no concept of helping others just for the sake of helping others. He wants every country around the world to pay America for our help; therefore, the military is for sell and diplomacy is just deal making.

Another disgusting point is this – when the tax bill was being negotiated, Trump and his cabinet was dismayed at how the tax code was there to help poor people. They felt (except Ivanka Trump) that the poor people should not benefit from the tax code and receive nothing. In fact, they were dismayed that poor people receive food, shelter, and any financial assistance from the federal government. This White House is only for the super rich and the crumbs is only given to the middle class (anyone who makes at least $75,000 per year or more).

Finally, I walked away thinking that we will probably not have anything substantial from the Mueller trial or his lawyers don’t know if there is something there. Yet, his lawyers and former lawyers know one thing – he is a liar. They are more afraid of Trump lying under oath versus him actually having committing a crime of collusion or obstruction. I am not sure if they were just placating Trump or being honest.

If you are reading this book with the hopes of Woodward revealing anything about Mueller or the White House, then you will be sorely disappointed. This is really a book confirming more of what you have heard already. So, back to the title, who am I supposed to be afraid of? Or, is Trump afraid of something? I am not sure what the title may mean, but I am also not sure if the book is worth the hype.


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