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November 7, 2018

Picture it: November 7, 2018. Democrats have taken back control of the House of Representatives. We may have lost in the Senate (just barely). Ted Cruz was defeated by a Beto. The list goes on and the possibilities and hope seem limitless...

But, we've been here before. Roughly 2-years ago, I remember where I was when they announced Donald Trump "won" the Presidency. I remember the sense of hope I felt while I was at work that day before the polls closed. I made a vow at that moment, when I saw the announcement that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States that I would no longer sit back and take anything for granted.

What are you doing to take our country back? Are you ready to vote? Did you vote already? Do you know where your polling place is? Here are a few tips to making sure you and your family have a plan to vote on Tuesday, November 6!

1.) Where do I vote?

A lot of the time, people don't even know where they are supposed to vote. If you live in more progressive states where voting is actually a right, rather than something you have to "prove" (looking at you Georgia), you already know where your polling place is. Click this link to find your polling location -

2.) Can I leave work early to vote?

You have a right to vote. Now, some states make it more difficult that others to vote. Click here to find out your state's laws for how much time you are supposed to be given to vote.

3.) What if they say I am not registered - but I am?

Look, stuff happens, but don't let this stop you from voting. You can request a provisional ballot and then your state will notify you on whether or not it was counted later on. This is why it is always good to check before an election to make sure you're registered. Remember: some state PURGE their voter rolls (for whatever reason, mostly, if you're the current Secretary of State of Georgia, it's because you're a racist)!

4.) Get Out the Vote

You voted and you still want to get involved! Find a local campaign, democratic club, group that is helping get out the vote in your local community and get involved. An election comes down to turnout (and we all saw what that low turnout did in 2016)!

If you live in Los Angeles, the Westside Democratic Headquarters would be a good place to start!

Don't know where to get involved? Email the team at and we can send you some amazing resources and places to get involved!

5.) Take A Selfie

We live in 2018 so taking a selfie with your ballot should be a moment of pride. However, for some states, it isn't. Make sure you know your state laws before you snap that pic and post it on the Instagram!

Remember: no matter what you do


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